“Witty--brilliant! The author reveals the true loveliness of caring for a cat, as discovered by Evan McGorkle, a struggling writer who attempts to whip up a lightweight best seller on the subject.
Ely at his best!
— Christina Greenaway,
Author of Dream Chaser: A Novel That Reaches Beyond the Veil of Time.

“Ten Ways to Your Cat’s Happiness, an iUniverse Editor’s Choice, is Stanley Ely’s touching portrayal of the complex lives and relationships among a community of New Yorkers. One cannot but be moved by this account.”
— Rabbi Neil Gillman,
Emeritus Professor of Jewish Philosophy, Jewish Theological Seminary

"Congratulations on producing this marvelous book. I took my time reading it to prolong the pleasure and was sad to have finished it. However, it is memorable and still with me. Here's to your continued success!"
— Seymour Barab,
Opera composer

Happy cat
Illustration: ©Aleks Gryczon

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