"When I reached 80 I figured that with five books published, it was time to put my feet up and my pen down. Maybe a good idea. But it didn’t work. Squeeze out one more book, my brain pleaded. Real stories about real people.

"I re-read dozens of essays that I started publishing 25 years ago, added some newer ones, collected the best in a book.The result is Life Up Close, a Memoir, 23 essays on subjects most everyone knows: family, travel, friends, study, religion, even cats and barbers. Making the grade were the essays that brought a smile or a tear even re-reading them, figuring they’d do the same for you.

Stanley E. Ely -- Author of novels and non-fiction books

Stanley E.Ely

"Please be my partner and look at the stories and photos in Life Up Close. I hope you enjoy the journey. On the last page here, let me know what you think."

Life Up Close, Available March 2014, is published by Dog Ear Publishing in paperback and ebook.

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