Early Praise for Stanley Ely's newest book:


"Once in a great while one finds akeeper book,” one you want on the bedside table so you can read or reread an essay before you turn off the lights.  One you want to share with your friends, proud that you discovered this treasure. Life Up Close is such a book.

"Stanley Ely introduces a range of memorable people I’d like to meet. His unique voice, reflective, personal, humorous or sad, invariably truthful, delights me. Life Up Close’s fun cover opens the way to wit and wisdom inside. I believe you will savor this book, as did I, just as one sips a fine wine.

"Stanley now publishes regular blog posts on Huffington Post and, if his readers are lucky, will continue to do so for years to come."

Pauline GraivierPauline Graivier
Pauline Graivier is the author of Speak the Language
of Success
, published in hardcover by G.P. Putnamís Sons and in paperback by Berkeley Books.
It was translated into two Chinese languages
and published in Taiwan and mainland China.

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