10 Ways to Your Cat's Happiness: a novel by Staneley Ely

Evan McGorkle has had a gift for getting others to do as he wants. It ’s how he’s often gotten by. Now, mid-forties and in bad need of income, he has written something he’s sure will make it big: a light-hearted advice book on the emotional care of cats. Sadly, publishers haven’t rushed in. This time he relents, decides not to depend on charm, and uses his wits to make the idea work.

Evan’s road about Manhattan and the publishing world leads him through funny and challenging unexpected moments. And it introduces him to a large cast of colorful New Yorkers: a beautiful singer, a smart young coffee bar owner, a sight-impaired musician, a successful physician, even two cats and a dog. Who knows, love might even be in the air.

But his budding relationships with these
people awaken in Evan an unsettling
realization: outward shine can mask deep
human flaws. Disillusioned, what does he
do then?

Cat with yarn balls
Illustration: ŠAleks Gryczon
from Ten Ways to Your Cat's Happiness 

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